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Benefits of massage that you s...
  • 12 March 2024

The benefits of massage aside from helping the body relax. There are many other points that are usef...

Choose the type of massage you...
  • 12 March 2024

There are many different types of massage. And each type of massage depends on each person's pre...

Benefits of skin spa The value...
  • 12 March 2024

Benefits of skin spa Aside from the comfort you will receive, what other benefits will there be? If ...

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Classic facial (Available for Refreshing Mini-Facial)

A basic facial for all skin type with gentle scrub, removing dead skin cells, pore cleaning, and using a specific mask to treat common skin issues. This multi-step process attempts to nourish and regenerate facial skin.
60 min $65
Mini facial 30 min $40

Hydrae & firm facial

Skin treatment that deep cleans, exfoliates and hydrates the skin with Hyaluronic acid serum and LED light therapy. Ideal for skin showing early signs of aging including fine and wrinkles. Suitable for normal and dry skin.

Signature Scalp Massage

Scalp massage treatment can help by stimulating blood flow to follicles to loosen the area up and supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. Healthier scalp can improve hair growth, reduce stress and promote relaxation. Releases tension of headaches and sleep better.
30 Min $35
45 Min $50

Signature Neck and shoulder Massage

Stress! Neck and shoulder pain is common. Massage can eliminate the tension and spasms from the muscle, improve circulation the area offer relief from pain and discomfort. Neck and shoulder massage provides a set of great advantages to enhance your general well-being and enable you to lead a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.
60 Min $70
80 Min $90

Signature Back facial Treatment

The targeted to the upper back area, Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturizing while combine with massage.
60 Min $95
80 Min $110

facial & massage treatment

45 min facial + 45 min. massage  125$
single service - 60 min 85$

Benefits of massage that you should know

The benefits of massage aside from helping the body relax. There are many other points that are useful. which will be detailed in each item as follows
1. Stimulate muscle activity
After using your muscles hard for a long time Whether it's playing sports or even just sitting and working. The muscles in the shoulders and neck are places where tightness can easily occur. Especially if you don't sit properly, it becomes a chronic problem and shows obvious pain. If you receive a muscle massage Tight points are stimulated until they become flexible. and can also reduce pain in that area
2. Helps the body relax
With stress and various factors Working results in the body and mind having to bear stress all the time. Until there is pain in the body, such as temple pain, occipital pain, or eye pain, etc. Therefore, the massage must be rolled and squeezed gently. along the lines and muscles, plus the aroma of essential oils in the massage will make you feel refreshed, your mental health will be good, and it can help your body relax, feel comfortable, and relieve stress.
3. Better blood circulation
The benefits of massage stimulate the blood system to flow better throughout the body. It also affects the functioning of the lymphatic system for better circulation. And when both are stimulated by massage, the body's immunity will be strong. Bright, radiant skin and helps expel waste from the body along with maintaining water balance
4. Relieve body pain
Body pain can occur in people of all ages. Even young people can develop symptoms like this. The cause may be from sitting in the wrong position, such as sitting in a chair that does not support the body's body. hunchback or who must stand Walking for a long time can cause pain in the feet and legs. To relieve pain in the body, As a result, many people choose to receive massage because it can help reduce pain.
5. Change the internal balance
Massage to stimulate and adjust the function of internal organs. Helps the functioning of nerves and various systems better, avoiding problems with pain in joints, muscles, tendons, and allowing for better movement. and there was no pain in the muscles
6. Helps restore physical performance.
Deterioration of the body can occur after hard work, stress, and in the long run results in weakening the body. easily get sick Poor immunity. Massage will help the body to fully recover. and for those who play sports or patients with paralysis Paralysis can help improve physical performance. Can reduce muscle spasms
7. Helps you sleep better.
Trouble sleeping or frequently experiencing insomnia It will be better if you get the right massage. The type of massage that can help you sleep effectively is a massage to create relaxation, such as aromatherapy oil massage, Swedish massage.etc. However, there is also a popular massage that is suitable for people who have difficulty sleeping, which is facial acupressure massage. Because on the face there is a pineal gland between the eyebrows. When pressed down, it stimulates the melatonin substance. Can help you sleep more comfortably.
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Choose the type of massage you like.

There are many different types of massage. And each type of massage depends on each person's preferences. For example, if you like a massage that uses a lot of pressure. Thai massage is therefore very suitable. Or if you are afraid of pain from pressure, a relaxing Swedish massage can also relieve your body's pain. And the benefits of massage vary according to the type of massage.
Thai massage
Thai massage involves pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending, and pulling. These massage steps help to relax tight muscle areas.It can also help treat and relieve various diseases as well. Thai massage can massage the entire body. But the most popular spots are the neck, shoulders, and feet. The massage uses a lot of pressure. and roll it to that area to make the muscles tense Stiff, more flexible Precautions for Thai massage are: A massage that uses a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who like a comfortable, gentle massage.
Aromatherapy oil massage
People who like softness, gentleness, and easy relaxation. Suitable for aromatherapy oil massage. Because it is a massage that combines gentleness with gentle rolling and squeezing. along with applying essential oils to the back, neck, head, or in some cases, the arms and legs The scent of essential oils will gradually fade. Absorbs into the skin while massaging. Makes the brain feel relaxed Can reduce stress Anxiety. You can also choose the scent of essential oils you like.
Sports massage
Sports massage is a massage that is suitable for people who play sports and use their muscles hard. until the muscles of the body are injured The massage will be done in a way that does not press down on any one point of the body. Instead, pressure will be applied with a wide weight, alternating with relaxing rhythms. The knocking technique was introduced. Shake or stretch your muscles to use more. Helps create flexibility for muscles. and relieve various pain symptoms
Shiatsu massage
Relaxing massage in Japanese style By the nature of the massage using the palm The tip of the thumb presses to focus on different points on the body. The benefit of Shiatsu massage is that it helps improve the circulation system. including various pains will improve accordingly Which may be similar to Thai massage quite a bit. But the point is different. Shiatsu massage creates inner balance. And it is a massage that stimulates the body to restore various systems.
 quite a lot of weight to press down on your body and use your thumb. The palm of the hand moves slowly along the line. Sometimes the elbow may be pressed down as well. In order to help the muscles be flexible and relaxed. and reduce tension
Swedish massage
The famous Swedish massage style comes from Europe and has similar massage methods to aromatherapy massages. To help the body The mind feels relaxed. The therapist will apply weight and massage with only a slight force. Makes the person receiving the massage not feel too much pain. Suitable for people who have office syndrome or those who exercise regularly. However, Swedish massage does not use essential oils, which is different from aromatherapy massage.
Foot reflexology massage
The benefits of massaging specific areas such as the soles of the feet can create quite a bit of relaxation. Especially if you are someone who has to walk for a long time or stand all day, foot reflexology will be a great answer. In this form of massage, the therapist uses fingers or wrists to press down on the nerves in the feet. This is a point that connects to other organs in the body, such as the forebrain, kidneys, appendix, ears, and many other parts. Resulting in better blood circulation. Adjust the body's hormones to normal. Relieve foot aches
Massage for pregnant women
Many pregnant women have aches and pains and are unsure whether they can get a massage or not. Of course, you can massage but you must be an expert in massaging pregnant women. And massage is not intended to treat pain. But just massage to create relaxation. However, there are still things to be careful about before receiving the massage. You will need to consult with your therapist again. To make an initial history inquiry
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Benefits of skin spa The value of beauty that can be felt

Benefits of skin spa Aside from the comfort you will receive, what other benefits will there be? If you know, please spread the word, girls.
Doing a skin spa means cleaning the skin. and add nutritional supplements to nourish the skin deep into the inner layers There are various methods that are different.For example, doing a skin spa by massaging, scrubbing, steaming, or masking. These methods, if done regularly and continuously, You will clearly see the changes that have occurred to your skin.For example, doing a skin spa by massaging, scrubbing, steaming, or masking. These methods, if done regularly and continuously, You will clearly see the changes that have occurred to your skin.
This is considered a direct benefit from skin spa treatments, but do you ladies know that in addition to the comfort you will receive? There are many other benefits that can be gained from spa treatments, which many people may not know. So today has brought the benefits of skin spa to tell you ladies. Let's see what else the value of spa treatment is.
relax, feel comfortable
Nowadays, stress is often the main reason that makes skin problems worse. Because stress weakens the skin's protective system. Therefore, doing a skin spa will help relieve stress very well. Plus, listening to soft, comfortable music will help your brain become more clear.
Helps the skin look radiant and bright.
 Skin spa treatments such as scrubs and steam baths Will stimulate the skin to improve blood circulation. This will result in the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin working better. It will also help remove residue and waste from the body.Including helping to remove dead skin cells to peel off. This will make your skin noticeably more radiant.
Helps deep cleanse the skin and remove blockages from pores.Most people tend to have oil and dirt left on their skin from washing their face or not completely washing away dirt. This is an important cause of skin problems such as blackheads or blackheads and clogged pores.and inflamed acne, but skin spa treatments can go deeper into cleaning the skin than washing your face or taking a normal shower. which can cleanly remove residue in the pores It will also help tighten the pores. Because there is no dirt to clog it.
Helps improve skin condition and reduce skin problems.If you have oily skin Your skin can easily become clogged and enlarged pores. It will also look dull because oil will accumulate on the skin. A spa treatment will help improve your skin's condition and help your skin look more radiant. Or for anyone with dry skin Your skin may become flaky easily.The spa treatment will help get rid of these flakes. It also helps add moisture to the skin.
 The skin will be able to absorb the skin cream better.
This is because oil and dirt remaining on the skin will block the absorption of skin cream. Therefore, after doing a spa treatment by clearing the skin thoroughly. Various skin care creams will be able to be absorbed into the skin more easily and deeper.Helps prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.
Spa treatment by massage Your skin will get stimulated blood flow. This will make the skin look youthful. and results in more firm, firm skin.
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